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Above & Beyond Senses

31 photos. 31 scents. 1 soundtrack.


Imagine an exhibition with 31 large-format photos in a shadowy ambience. As you get closer to each of these, the image reveals itself and you can smell the place like if you were there. Every scent of every single element is present: stone, grass, plants, rubber, ice, smoke and so on. At the same time, you're fully surrounded by an atmospheric soundtrack composed and customised for the exhibition. This was unique, never seen before.

Above & Beyond Senses was a sensorial experience that took take place in the Myriad Crystal Centre, Lisbon. The set of photographs were taken all over the world for approximately 7 years and the music took a long time to composed, it had to be special. Everyone sees photos and listens music, but nobody smells it. The sensorial innovation of the scent, which has a strong impact in our lives and our memories, was remarkable. This was only possible due to the commitment and expertise of some great professionals, thanks to my partners and friends from Mane and Martflavor, with the perfect support of Knook and last but not least, Myriad by Sana Hotels. 

Highly acclaimed by the artistic community and the general public, it was a major success that caught the attention of TV shows, radio stations, newspapers, several magazines and online news. 

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