Music & Photography

nelson vaz



Above & Beyond Senses (AB) is a sensorial experience that will take place in the Myriad Crystal Center, Lisbon - Parque das Nações, December 28th and 29th, 2013. The event is based on a set of 31 photographs that were taken all over the world, for approximately 7 years. It merges the visual impact of large-printed images with an atmospheric soundtrack that has been composed and customized specifically for the exhibition, but adds a sensorial innovation to it: the scent. 

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The event Mar dos Céus (“Sea of The Skies”) took place on the historical Frigate ‘D. Fernando II e Glória’, on June 29th 2013. The frigate was concluded in 1843 and travelled the equivalent of five journeys around the world during 33 years. My conceptual idea for this event merged photography and music, recreating the memorable journeys of the past throughout the deep blue seas under the skies above. It was integrated with the final practical project for the Strategic Event Management class of ESHTE’s Master of Tourism - Protocol discipline. The photos for the event were taken a bit all over the world and the original soundtrack, which was heard onboard during the exhibition, has been composed specifically for such purpose.