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Above & Beyond Senses

Above & Beyond Senses (AB) was a sensorial experience that took place in the Myriad Crystal Center, Lisbon - Parque das Nações, December 28th and 29th, 2013. The event was based on a set of 31 photographs that were taken all over the world, for approximately 7 years. It merged the visual impact of large-printed images with an atmospheric soundtrack that was composed and customized specifically for the exhibition, but adding a sensorial innovation to it: the scent. 

Each of the 31 photos had its own original scent, reproducing the moment and the place where the photo was actually taken. What scent can you experience and feel while looking at a glacier in Patagonia? Or a beach in Bora-Bora? What's the scent of the sea after a thunderstorm in Brazil? 31 different sensorial experiences were available, creating a unique approach to the way how we see, and feel, a photograph. The magical soundtrack with nature sounds complemented the required environment for the show.

Below you'll find some photos of the event.


An incredible sense of professionalism dictates the policies of this highly dynamic Portuguese company, acting on the image & communication areas for indoor and outdoor applications. When you think of KNOOK you think of quality. The highly-dedicated partner that printed and manufactured  all the photos and stands for the event. No words would be enough to detail how well KNOOK excels in everything they do.

Nevertheless, as stated by the company:

"KNOOK means professional efficiency in the communication area. More than good ideas, our goal is to test and implement good ideas that work."


One of the world's leading brands in terms of flavors and fragrances, MANE excels in everything they do. Olivier Paget, the highly talented professional that created the 31 fragrances for the exhibition, brought this project to another dimension given the strength of his perception and sensibility. Art was made immediately after Olivier's first steps into the project. 

By the words of MANE's CEO:

"In an ever-changing world, olfaction and gustation are very difficult notions to grasp. And yet, MANE has a unique ability to capture not only what people like, but also what deeply moves each individual, and so everyone. For eternity… or just for now."


While being a solid Brazilian company that represents the art in flavor, MartFlavor has supported this project from its early beginning, leading the Above & Beyond Senses to MANE. 

By the company's own words:

"The essence of the best attendance and excellence of provision of services by Martflavor, aligned with high performance products from MANE of Brazil, all together represents the synergy of a high level dedicated work, always seeking satisfaction and customers success, leading them to achieve both competitive products and unique as the continued growth in their businesses."

Myriad by SANA Hotels

The Myriad Crystal Center, located on the privileged river shore of Lisbon, Parque das Nações, welcomes the Above & Beyond Senses exhibition. It's the perfect place to host the event, given its unique location and the stylish atmosphere that characterizes SANA Hotels, particularly the Myriad. The magnificence of the Myriad by SANA Hotels, just by itself, justifies a visit in order to explore and book your next stay in Lisbon. 

In simple words:

"The hotel at the height of your dreams is here." 

Official teasers: Myriad by SANA Hoyels