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About Me


I travel the world and I try to translate it throughout my photographic and musical languages. I don't follow a trend. I follow my heart, my intuition and the perception I have about people and behaviours. 

My camera, my lenses, my eyes

I learned photography when I was a kid, but started shooting professionally in 2010. Photography is an endless source of inspiration in my life, sometimes just beautiful, sometimes dramatic, even cruel at times, but always emotional. I see it as an artistic expression and I shoot in order to compose my own impressions of the world at a given moment in time. While I'm there. It's a silent and powerful tool to communicate and inspire. Myself included.

The music and the studio

I've been doing original tracks since 1995. I don't do covers, I don't play in a band and I'm not a DJ. I'm a composer, that's what I genuinely do. It's all about my own studio, my instruments and my tech tools to support creativity, recording and post-production down to mastering phase. Music is my guiding light and my protection against the stressful and ridiculously fast-moving pace that the world is being constantly and dramatically pushed to. My strongest musical influences came both from the early electronica scene of the 70s and 80s, and the balearic chillout movement of the 90s and beyond. The chillout scene is reflected in all my tracks and it shall remain - along with the amazing human spirit and the lovely people that crossed my life - as my strongest sources of inspiration. I've released several tracks for many commercial compilations and also some soundtracks for my own photo exhibitions. 


More about photography

I shoot both colour and B&W. I don't like excessive post-processing and software magic. Landscape photography is one of the playgrounds I prefer, probably the largest set in my portfolio. It connects with other themes like sunsets and nature. I'm also developing a project called "roads of the world", a fusion of remote national roads - in several countries - and the landscapes that each route cuts through. Two other projects relate to earth & sky views, the former covers our planet as seen from above, aerial photography, the later shows some impacting cloud formations photographed both from the ground and from the sky. Another major project, which is a work-in-progress one, relates to a portfolio that combines people, architecture and urban or social movements, and how such developments differ from one geography to another. It's not a fashion-flavoured project, but rather my own raw memories of people and lifestyles in many locations, ranging from the Andes to the Himalayas and countries like China, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Argentina and European metropoles. Just to name a few. 

Whenever I travel the world I select  the right gear for the right journey. In detail. I still face each trip with a smile, like something precious. There's that excitment every time I go. I like to choose my gear carefully because I know I'll face one-off opportunities. I know I will find unique things, unique people and everlasting moments. I'm addicted to explore places, to decrypt and understand cultures. I love the genuine human factor of people, the emotional paths and how we commonly shape and output our feelings. Life is a wonderful thing, it's the cycle of creation and recreation, and whenever I have the chance to eternalise it on a frame, I feel complete.


Mar dos Céus / Sea of the Skies - Photo Exhibition, Lisbon
Above & Beyond Senses - Photo, Music & Scent Exhibition, Lisbon


More about music

The motivating drive between an involving sound, a sense of inspired freedom and the resulting inner joy is most probably what makes me a musician. I compose because I see things and I need to say things without words. Because I need to express things. Because I love people and I have to share all those good things with everyone around me. I’ve been through ambient, chillout & lounge, dance and global electronica styles. After so many years of music production (over 200 originals and counting) I guess it's fair to say I have a particular chilling style based on my personal experiences. I don't copy other musicians - I never did and and I never will - but I do get inspired by them. 

The current studio is the result of a learning process by spending years in the music and technology businesses. I also had the chance to work and learn with some great folks around. The first setup came alive in 1995 but has improved significantly all along the years of course. I've been living in several countries, oceans apart, and the studio is always on my side regardless of distances to be covered or logistical challenges associated to it. And I do mean always, moreover I'm not a mobile producer as I tend to keep and rely on considerably heavy hardware gear. I use several keyboards, guitars, effects processors, realtime analysers, many software tools and a few controllers. It's a big and beautiful thing. All connected to a full digital mixer and an audio workstation that runs the sequencing and recording, mixing and final mastering processes. 


I founded "One To Nine Music" in 2020 together with a long-lasting music partner that I've been working for over 2 decades now. Ambient and chillout music are at the very core of its creation, representing a collaboration promenade for great musicians. It's also my official label for commercial releases which you can find on major platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Beatport, YouTube Music and Google Play. Follow One To Nine Music on Facebook.


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