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nelson vaz


About Nelson Vaz


It all started in Lisbon, Portugal, many years ago. At the age of six I got my first keyboard and the addiction to it was instantaneous. The first music studio was completed in 1995, followed by incursions into chillout, ambient-dreaming tracks and house hits night after night. Photography surprised me when young, but the real transition from a  simple hobby up to a venerated enthusiasm occurred during year 2000. And in the last few years it’s been going way beyond that.


The Balearic mood and the soft side on the inspired Ibiza scene became a reference. That applies to my chillout style for music, as well as to the images of timeless sunsets and themes that I capture all over the world. The culture of Café Del Mar and alikes has always been present. Musically I’ve travelled through progressive ambient, chillout & lounge, dance and global electronica styles. Nevertheless, I can’t attach my melodies or photos to a specific trend. After so many years of music production - close to 200 originals - plus hundreds of thousands of shots, I see it as my own evolution throughout time, based on my personal set of emotions and experiences provided by my life in itself. All that I compose, all that I photograph, reminds me of everything at any given time, anywhere I’ve been before. It reminds me that there’s a thing called ‘tomorrow’ and it´s an inspiration for life. Most of the musical growth and expertise came from the German label Blue Dye. I joined in 2000 and never left since them, being part of its permanent artist community with a solid partnership that keeps growing every since. Besides the original compositions, the remixing side of tracks was – and still is – a challenging but inspirational task while working with Blue Dye. Sharing musical experiences and playgrounds with other artists, while you put your energy and soul on somebody else’s track and shape it to your own expression, it's incredibly rewarding.


The studio setup is a mix of classic and modern hardware merged with plenty of recent software, combining guitars, synth keyboards, rack modules, audio frequency analyzers, control surfaces and a digital mixer connected to a Mac-based core. It’s been 20 years since I program my own sounds and they're part of my musical soul, my expression, my identity. Regarding photography, I rely on Nikon. Since ever. And I don’t plan to change anytime soon. As you sum lenses from a given manufacturer, you hardly leave it if you're happy with it.


Photography is a way to catch and express various realities or even illusions from a previously perceived image, built by one’s experiences and emotions. It potentiates the viewer’s senses through each shot taken. I see it as an artistic expression of various playgrounds in life, a sort kind of dreamland. I shoot in order to compose my own impressions of the world, people and places at a given time, allowing others to feel different things and create endless forms of intuition by themselves. Life is the art of creation and recreation. So it is photography and music. By merging both, I translate the world outside through my emotional paths. It’s my way of expressing my attitude in life. This is the way I see, the way I feel and the way I communicate with everyone around me without saying a single word.


Take Me - Nelson Vaz Remix (Tonuri, Blue Dye), 2001

It's Over - Nelson Vaz Remix (Tom Novy, Kosmo Music), 2002

Live in Verona - Italy, 2002

Take It Back - Nelson Vaz Remix (Simon Wood vs. LBJ), 2003

Emotion - Nelson Vaz Remix (Werner Bethke), 2009

Be Sensual - Late Night Mix (Blue Dye Be Sensual EP, BD005), 2010

Be Sensual - Ezequiel Sanchez Remix (Blue Dye Be Sensual EP, BD005), 2010

Just Be - Seashore Mix (Blue Dye Be Sensual EP, BD005), 2010

Just Be - Seashore Mix (DI-FM Radio, Shinning Sleep channel), 2010

Storms in Africa (Blue Dye Halophyte Chillout EP, BD012), 2011

Trust – Nelson Vaz Remix (Werner Bethke, Blue Dye Halophyte Chillout EP, BD012), 2011

Be Sensual – Late Night Mix (We Love Ibiza 2, 4MPO), 2012

Be Sensual – Late Night Mix (Siesta Electronica 4, Catharsis), 2012

Desierto - Chillout in the Desert Remix (Dieter Sin Plomo's Desierto Remixes, Blue Dye), 2012

Desierto - Chillout in the Desert Remix (Siesta Electronica 5, Catharsis), 2012

Be Sensual - Late Night Mix (Hotel de Prestige – Lounge Exquisite 7, Invisible Lounge), 2012

Storms in Africa (Chilled Sessions Vol.4, Invisible Lounge), 2012

Just Be - Seashore Mix (Tranquility 006, Invisible Lounge), 2012

Trust – Nelson Vaz Remix (NightFlight 02, Kolibri Music), 2014