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I travel the world and try to translate it through my photographic and musical languages. I don't follow a trend. I follow my heart, my intuition and the perceptions I have about life, people and behaviours.




I learned analogue photography when young and kept moving up to the digital age. Photography is a source of stimulation. Exciting and fascinating, sometimes dramatic or cruel, but always emotional. It's a silent and powerful tool to communicate. 

I photograph both in colour and black & white. Having a 50mm prime and shooting straight in black & white is perhaps the most rewarding photographic experience I can have. Less is more. Landscape photography is my main playground, the largest set in my portfolio, but I vary significantly and frequently across genres, as I believe there are endless connections - visible and invisible - through many categories of photography. 

Whenever I travel the world I select the right gear for a given journey. I still face each departure with a smile, there's that excitement every time I go. I choose my gear carefully because I know I'll face unique opportunities, unique people, unique light and everlasting moments.

I'm addicted to explore places, to decrypt and understand cultures. I love the diversity of nations and populations, down to the single individual, and the inner characteristics that defines each and every one of us. My set of gear and my worldwide journeys act both as a tool and a decoder to all of it.

Life is a wonderful thing. It's the endless cycle of creation and recreation. Whenever I have the chance to eternalise it on a frame, I do feel complete.

Photo Events

Above & Beyond Senses - Photo, music & scent exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal
Mar dos Céus - Photo & music exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal



I've been doing original tracks since 1995. I don't do covers, I don't play in a band and I'm not a DJ. I'm a composer, songwriter and producer, creating music is what I genuinely do. It's my protection against all sorts of stress, acting as a barrier to this frenetic pace that seems to crush us against a wall. Once I'm set in the studio, the clock stops.

My strongest musical influences came both from the early electronica scene of the 70s-80s and the balearic chillout movement of the 90s. I’ve been through several genres like ambient, chillout, dance and other styles of electronic music, accumulating over 250 originals (and counting) while keeping my own style and musical signature. I don't copy other musicians - I never did and and I'll never will - but I do get inspired by them. We all do.

The current studio is the result of a learning process by spending years in the tech scene, working and learning with some great artists out there. The first concept was built many years ago, but the overall setup has improved massively since then. It's always improving somehow, I've been living in several countries, oceans apart, but the studio is always on my side regardless of any barriers I need to overcome. I'm not a mobile producer, I don't use a laptop-based setup and I rely on a considerably large set of heavy gear, just to complicate things a bit more. It's a big and beautiful thing, but a challenge to move it around I must admit. So what.


I co-founded "One To Nine Music" in 2020. The label is focused on ambient and chillout music, representing a collaboration promenade for several artists. It's also the official label for all my releases, which you can find on every online shop and streaming platforms. Follow One To Nine Music on Facebook for the latest releases and info.


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